Anakin, Charletto and Emmeline: wedding invitation customizations inspired by baby announcements

Our baby announcement gallery might not be the first place you look for wedding invitation inspiration, but these three customizations may change that. Since all of our designs are customizable, we can update any of them to create the perfect invitation for any celebration.

Our Anakin design blends ultra modern typography with our Gray paper and dramatic blind embossing. Transformed as a wedding invitation it feels a touch more elegant when paired with a Silver foil striped envelope liner on coordinating Gray paper.

As a baby shower invitation, Charletto is playful and sweet. By updating the color palette to soft, moody blues and greens the vibe feels more formal without losing the fun, youthful feel of the original design.

The ladylike sweetness of Emmeline is perfect for announcing baby girl; but replace the delicate toile envelope liner pattern and replace with a foil-stamped, tailored stripe and the design is transformed from baby to wedding while maintaining the stylish typography.

Tressa, Fedora and Adeline: Mitzvah invitations reimagined for wedding

Did you know that any of our designs can be used to inspire invitations for any occasion? Here are three Mitzvah designs reimagined as invitations for wedding celebrations.

Our Tressa design is bright and cheerful, perfect for a joyful Bat Mitzvah celebration. Reimagined as a wedding invitation its cool and contemporary in Bronze foil on Black paper. The envelope liner introduces the watercolor artwork printed in Fawn ink, adding subtle sophistication.

Fedora draws inspiration from modern, tropical design. For a softer, more romantic feel more appropriate for a wedding, we printed Rose Gold foil on our Light Gray paper and used a palette of soft pink inks to print a breezy palm pattern on the envelope liner.

Rich and dramatic florals are the focal point of our Adeline design. For a more modern, typographic feel we focused on the splatter pattern and added classic typography in Opaline Shine over a digitally printed, night sky-inspired ombre.

modern typographic rose gold wedding invitations

Our friends at Soirée Signatures in Alabama helped Kelley and Charles concept this bold customization of our Elemental design. They opted for Rose Gold foil on our Plum colored paper, keeping the modern square shape. Our Diego pattern in Rose Gold on Plum paper dressed up their envelope.

foil stamping: rose gold shine | fonts: forsythe + sweet sans | paper: plum | size: sq-7 | liner: diego pattern | customization: 56379

spruce and ruby letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations

We worked with Slightly South to help bring these spruce and ruby letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations to life. The couple opted for rounded corners which brought a softness to the set. A border filled with whimsical illustrations added a touch of playfulness while the font remained classic and easy to read. They paired a matching reply card with a single illustration motif added to keep everything consistent. Their envelope liner using our dune pattern brought a geometric element into play. 

Spruce and Ruby letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations
Spruce and Ruby letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations
Spruce and Ruby letterpress rehearsal dinner invitations

Letterpress colors: Spruce + Ruby | Fonts: Gotham + Didot + Al Fresco | Design: Custom Library | Paper: 2 ply Smooth Cotton White | Size: SQ-7 | Liner: Dune pattern | Customization: 56212 | Slightly South

colorful cortes inspired letterpress invitations made for a Mexico wedding

Geena and Zackary worked with our team and Union Street Papery to create these colorful cortes inspired letterpress invitations. They used blind deboss accents on the top and the bottom of the design to create a subtle, yet whimsical impact. The insert cards also carried the theme from the invitation, but with unique accents of their own to set them apart. The digitally printed envelope liner tied all the colors of the suite together. We have no doubt this wedding was one to remember! 

Colorful letterpress invitations made for a Mexico wedding
Colorful letterpress invitations made for a Mexico wedding
Colorful letterpress invitations made for a Mexico wedding
Colorful letterpress invitations made for a Mexico wedding

Letterpress colors: Blind Deboss + Fuchsia + Calypso | Foil color: Silver Shine | Digital colors: Calypso + Sea Mist + Fuchsia + Sherbet  Fonts: Supplied + Alisha + Brandon | Design: Olvera | Paper: 2 ply Smooth Cotton White | Size: F8 | Liner: Cortes pattern | Customization: 54480 | Union Street Papery

sundry customization: announcement customization

As small affairs and elopements fill our feeds, be inspired by this funky fresh palette! Announcing life’s milestones has never been more exciting with our Sundry design. This customization uses a colorful palette to brighten up somebody’s mailbox or even their day when they receive it. We imagine this paired with a patterned envelope liner to push that unique design envelope even further!

letterpress ink: calypso | digital inks: watermelon, persimmon, pastel pink, aquamarine, garden, clover, pastel blue, myrtle | font: opulent brush + bell mt | paper: bright white | invite size: A7 | liner: fleck ink pastel pink | original design + customization by Racheal Bumbolo


olensen customization: bridal shower invitation

Our original Olensen design uses lush botanical
elements, metallic paper and foil stamped typography for a
hint of shine. We decided to create a frame out of the botanical elements to give a more organic look for this bridal shower invitation.

foil stamping: tawny shine | digital ink: cmyk | fonts: lile dahliy | requiem | paper: metallic aloe | invite size: a-6 | liner: classic color in tawny shine | original design + customization by Katie Magee

Cocktails | Tablescape

headline customization: classic invitation with a modern twist

We have put a classic twist on the modern Headline design by opting for a black and white color palette. The vibe immediately becomes sleek and sophisticated. If you intend on having an urban wedding with lots of class, this customized design is the way to go!

letterpress ink: black + blind deboss | fonts: austin + neutra text | paper: white | invite size: F-8 | liner: rule in black | original design + customization by Lindsy Talarico

Couple | Flowers | Decor

vaast customization: baby announcement

Baby’s room is like a blank canvas, waiting to inspire. We are loving neutrals lately and they’re absolutely perfect to bring the right amount of color – a “rainbow of neutrals.” Our Vaast design helps bring the modern touch with modern fonts and pops of burnt orange to bring this modern boho announcement to life.

letterpress ink: nutmeg + rust | digital inks: cmyk | font: avenir + chloe | paper: white | invite size: a-6 | liner: pax in goldenrod + nutmeg + rust + acadia | original design + customization by Racheal Bumbolo

Nursery decor

underwood customization: bridal shower invitation

A touch of color turned our Underwood design into a glamorous invitation for an elegant garden bridal shower. The combination of dark green and rose gold creates a charming, feminine design that pairs perfectly with the floral accents.

foil: rose gold shine | font: roselyne + garamond | paper: holly |invite size: A-7 | liner: custom pattern in blush digital on white text | original design by Leslie Johnston + customization by Alyssa Tidd

Wallpaper | Drinks | Table

novella customization: romantic wedding invitation

We’ve warmed up the Novella design with rich autumnal tones of rust and rose. Inspired by old world romance, this customization feels perfectly suited for a wedding set in Italy’s countryside.

letterpress ink: nutmeg | digital ink: tea rose | fonts: didot |
paper: ivory | invite size: F-8 | liner: novella in nutmeg + rust |
original design + customization by Lindsy Talarico

Bride | Flowers | Table Setting

quintina customization: pink birthday invitations

Celebrating milestones should be a big, fabulous deal! Planning an intimate dinner with loved ones calls for good food, cocktails and beautiful paper to set the tone. Our Quintina design is easily customized into something fabulous using our pastel pink paper and bright pink letterpress ink. Life is a short adventure worthy of celebrating!

letterpress ink: bright pink | foil: tawny shine | font: edinburg +adora bouton + montserrat | paper: pastel pink | invite size: sq-6 | liner: classic chevron in tawny shine foil | original design + customization by Racheal Bumbolo

Flowers | Couple

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