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Meet the perfect wedding invitation paper, made just for us by a historic European paper mill. The mill creates mould-made paper that looks and feels handmade. Luxuriously thick, addictive to touch, and subtly textured to showcase the best letterpress or foil stamped impression. Choose from 1-ply (350 gsm), 2-ply (700 gsm), 3-ply (1050 gsm) or text weight (120 gsm). Then choose between white or ivory.


Ultra smooth with a soft, satin feel, our Bella Smooth Cotton is a modern paper made just for us at a historic paper mill in New England. This paper is thick – the ultimate canvas for letterpress, foil and digital designs. Choose from 1-ply (310 gsm), 2-ply (620 gsm), and 3-ply (930 gsm) weights. Please note that digital printing is only available on our 1-ply Bella Smooth Cotton paper, though we can duplex your digitally printed pieces for an additional charge.

BELLA blue, bella gray and bella black

Consider one of our colored papers to add drama and elegance to your stationery suite. Most of our foil stamping colors look amazing on these papers, though digital inks and most letterpress inks aren’t visible on the darker papers. Choose from 1-ply (350 gsm), 2-ply (700 gsm), 3-ply (1050 gsm) or text weight (120 gsm).


  • Bella Cotton 1 ply - White

  • Bella Cotton 2 ply - White

  • Bella Cotton 3-Ply White

  • Bella Cotton 1 ply - Ivory

  • Bella Cotton 2 Ply - Ivory

  • Bella Cotton 3-Ply Ivory

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 1 ply - White

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 2 ply - White

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 3-Ply White

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 1 ply - ivory

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 2 ply - Ivory

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 3-Ply Ivory

  • Bella Blue 1-ply

  • Bella Blue 2-ply

  • Bella Blue 3-ply

  • Bella Gray 1-ply

  • Bella Gray 2-ply

  • Bella Gray 3-ply

  • Bella Light Gray 1-ply

  • Bella Light Gray 2-ply

  • Bella Light Gray 3-ply

  • Bella Black 1-ply

  • Bella Black 2-ply

  • Bella Black 3-ply

  • Bella Blue/White 2-ply

  • Bella Blue/Ivory 2-ply

Design tips and ideas for choosing your invitation paper:

You can mix and match paper weights. For instance, use 2-ply paper on the wedding invitation, and 1-ply paper on the reply card and reception card.

If impression is important to you, you’ll get the deepest impression on our 2-ply and 3-ply papers.

If you’re considering edge painting or foil edging, you may want to opt for our 2-ply or 3-ply paper — while adding an edge looks lovely on our 1-ply paper, the thicker paper will produce more eye-catching results.


Our envelopes are all eco-friendly and exclusive to Bella Figura. We can print on our envelopes via letterpress or foil stamping, or you can order your envelopes blank. You can also have your envelopes digitally addressed. We offer both a modern square flap envelope and the traditional pointed flap envelope.  Pointed flap envelopes are available in select sizes in white and ivory. Our cotton and colored envelopes are priced the same. Square, #10, and place card envelopes are only available in the Bella white cotton and ivory cotton.

Our white and ivory envelopes are 100% cotton, converted from a luxurious text weight version of our exclusive Bella Cotton paper. These are some of the softest luxury envelopes out there, available in white or ivory.

Our colored envelopes are a great way to bring more color to your invitation set. These envelopes are acid-free and FSC-certified.


  • White Text Weight

  • Ivory Text Weight

  • Opal

  • Jute

  • Bella Blue Text Weight

  • Bella Gray Text Weight

  • Bella Light Gray Text Weight

  • Bella Black Text Weight

Tips for designing your envelopes

Want more color? Add an envelope liner – we can line your envelopes with foil stamped envelope liners, digitally printed patterned envelope liners, metallic envelope liners, or vintage map or cityscape liners.

Add design details, like type monograms or illustrations from your invitations, to your envelope flaps or your envelope fronts!

Print your return address in a pretty color from your invitation suite, then ask your calligrapher to match the ink color when addressing your invitations. 


You can add one of our pocketfolds to any of our wedding invitations to create a memorable enclosure and add a pop of color. Our pocketfolds are exclusive to us and made right here in our print shop using eco papers ranging from 100% PCW to reclaimed cotton to FSC certified. We offer letterpress printing, foil stamping and digital printing on our pocketfolds, too! Our pocketfolds are smartly self-closing with a flap, requiring no labels, adhesive, or ribbon, and they’re available to fit our rectangular A7 and F8 and square SQ7 envelopes. We adhere the invitation onto the pocketfold before shipping them to you.


  • Bella Smooth Cotton 1 ply - White

  • Bella Smooth Cotton 1 ply - ivory

  • Opal Cover

  • White Gold Cover

  • Sand Cover

  • Gold Leaf Cover

  • Jute Cover

  • Copper Cover

  • Bronze Cover

  • Silver Cover

  • Iron Cover

  • Black Cover

Design tips for pocketfold invitations

Your pocketfold can function as an inner envelope—you or your calligrapher can address the pocketfold to your guests as you would an inner envelope.

Letterpress printing on our pocketfolds is a great way to make your pocketfold invitation unique. On the exterior of your pocketfold, we can letterpress print the bride and groom’s names, the date of your wedding, a monogram, or simply bring in design elements from your wedding invitation. We can also digitally print one of our exclusive patterns on the inside of your pocketfold. 

We offer free design consultations after you place your order, where you’ll have a chance to talk to our designers about your options. So if you’re not sure what pocketfold color to use for your invitation design, or what exactly to letterpress or foil stamp on your pocketfold, no worries! (and if you need help now, just ask!).

Want to see our pocketfolds in action? View some great pocketfold wedding invitations on our blog.